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CambPlants Hub

A networking organisation for plants-related research and impact

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The Great Manipulator

14 December 2020

Fire. It burns five percent of the Earth’s surface every year, and accounts for up to twenty percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Before humans started interfering with the planet, the majority of carbon released by wildfires was recaptured as ecosystems regenerated. This is no longer the case. For Adam...

A forward-looking perspective on tackling the grand challenges in plant health to transform agriculture sustainably

7 December 2020

This very well attended on-line webinar was the first in a series hosted by CambPlants Hub to celebrate the FAO’s International Year of Plant Health. Supported by Cambridge Global Food Security IRC , # Annual Food Agenda , NIAB and the Crop Science Centre , it was a dynamic panel discussion followed by a question and...

All University staff, except those needed for business-critical activity, are now working remotely. Please contact us by email, and find the latest COVID-19 information here

CambPlants is an umbrella organisation for those involved in plant-related research at the University of Cambridge, and the point of contact for external interested parties. We provide support for impact and translation activities – be that public engagement, industry collaboration, or informing policy. We help build relationships within the University, facilitate new interdisciplinary collaborations, and assist with engaging with industry. Please contact us if you would like to be included on our mailing list. We will keep you updated about future CambPlants Hub events, and will store your data in a secure University of Cambridge location. We will only contact you as needed.