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New grafting technique could combat the disease threatening Cavendish bananas

23 December 2021

Scientists have found a novel way to combine two species of grass-like plant including banana, rice and wheat, using embryonic tissue from their seeds. The technique allows beneficial characteristics, such as disease resistance or stress tolerance, to be added to the plants. Grafting is the technique of joining the shoot...

Event Report. Christmas Dinner 2050: will we be eating alternative turkey?

20 December 2021

Event Report and Recipe Suggestions (see below). You can find the recording of our event here. Did you know that dried algae contain more protein than roast turkey (Britain’s traditional Christmas dish)? In fact, spirulina is one of the most concentrated foods on Earth; rich in protein and packed with amino acids, vitamins...

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CambPlants is an umbrella organisation for those involved in plant-related research at the University of Cambridge, and the point of contact for external interested parties. We provide support for impact and translation activities – be that public engagement, industry collaboration, or informing policy. We help build relationships within the University, facilitate new interdisciplinary collaborations, and assist with engaging with industry. Please contact us if you would like to be included on our mailing list. We will keep you updated about future CambPlants events, and will store your data in a secure University of Cambridge location. We will only contact you as needed.