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CambPlants Hub

A networking organisation for plants-related research and impact

Studying at Cambridge


Why Cambridge?

Food security is the defining agenda for our growing global population.

Uncertainties associated with a changing climate and instabilities in markets for food and fuel will require technological advances allowing crops and soils to be sustainably exploited to meet these demands.


The vision of the Cambridge Centre for Crop Science is for Cambridge to provide leadership in crop sciences, fostering a flexible and dynamic research environment, whilst training the next generation of expertise needed to deliver sustainable yields for the future.


The Centre will foster the translation of fundamental research into crop pre-breeding activities, and provide a forum for plant breeders and crop protection industries to address key bottlenecks in crop genetic diversity and resource use at the field scale.

  NIAB potato trials


At its core, 3CS will be a partnership between the University and NIAB, both of which are able to make a unique contribution to the initiative.


The National Institute of Agricultural Botany (NIAB) has particular strengths in crop pre-breeding, 

and takes a truly innovative approach to crop production, which has yielded breakthroughs in potato agronomy and re-synthesised wheat lines.


The Institute also has a diverse portfolio of interactions with agricultural industry.

This interface is critical in enabling research to reach the consumer and will play an essential role in translating 3CS’s research findings into applied agricultural solutions.