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Transforming India's Green Revolution by Research and Empowerment for Sustainable food Supplies
“The TIGR2ESS programme will help to deliver our vision, in partnership with institutions in India, to improve Indian crop science and food security.”
Professor Howard Griffiths, Co-Chair of the University of Cambridge Global Food Security IRC, Member of CambPlants Advisory Board, and Principal Investigator of the programme.


TIGR2ESS was launched in Delhi, India in February 2018. The project is developing and strengthening alliances across a carefully selected network of UK and Indian experts in crop science, hydrology, social science and policy, creating a two-way knowledge exchange partnership. This partnership will define the requirements for a second Green Revolution in India, set the necessary policy agenda, and define a collaborative research programme focused on sustainable crop production and sustainable resource use.

TIGR2ESS research objectives and outcomes have been jointly framed by the consortium partners

India’s Green Revolution produced significant benefits for the country, but  there is widespread agreement that the 21st century demands new thinking to address new and emergent challenges, driven by changes in migration and settlement patterns, new forms of economic activity, changes in global commodity markets, and significant environmental challenges.

The Objectives of TIGR2ESS are:

  • to define the requirements and set the policy agenda for a 'second Green Revolution' in India, framed by demographic changes affecting rural communities and feminisation of smallholder farming systems. 
  • to develop and strengthen alliances across a carefully selected network of UK and Indian experts, to build a collaborative, long-term research partnership in sustainable agriculture that will set India on the path to a second Green

The Project addresses Four Key Research Questions:

  1. What should a Second Green Revolution deliver?
  2. Can crop productivity increase, whilst maintaining yield stability?
  3. Can water supplies be shared to match community demand?
  4. How can we best engage and education for local community wellbeing?

TIGR2ESS will tackle these four thematic questions through fundamental research, structured into six Flagship Projects

Find out more about the project by visiting the TIGR2ESS website.

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Changing the face of Indian farming - an article published in the University of Cambridge's Research Horizons magazine about the project. 


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