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CambPlants Hub

A networking organisation for plants-related research and impact
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Providing access to networks and knowledge exchange between businesses, entrepreneurs, policy makers and researchers.


We provide a conduit for the application of plant-related knowledge across the University of Cambridge, and far beyond. Partnering with industry and government, we aim to bring into practice findings from fundamental research, to address global challenges.

Whether you are interested in food security, new sources of sustainable energy and materials, health or ecosystem services, we can offer you links to relevant research initiatives, free support and business networks.

A sample of our interactions are showcased below. The links to our collaborators can be found on the right.


Cambridge Partnership for Plant Science (CPPS) exists to strengthen and integrate pure and applied research in plant sciences, biology, genetics and biotechnology in and around Cambridge. It promotes research opportunities between the academic arena, research institutes and local industry through dedicated lectures, workshops, newsletters and networking events.

Cambridge Strategic Initiative in Global Food Security is a cross-disciplinary initiative that aims to develop sustainable, socially equitable and ecologically successful solutions to meet the challenges of global food security.

Cambridge Bioenergy Initiative brings together University experts, including plant scientists, biochemists, conservation scientists, chemists, engineers, chemical engineers and economists, with the aim to develop forms of bioenergy that are sustainable, ethically and socially responsible, and do not compete with food crops.

Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI) is a unique collaboration between the University of Cambridge and leading biodiversity conservation organisations in and around Cambridge.


Agri-Tech East is a new cluster aimed at improving the international competitiveness and sustainability of plant-based agriculture and horticulture.

In order to exploit the impact possibilities which are enabled by the membership, we now have a group of UCAM 'Gatekeepers', who represent the different Departments and Initiatives, and liaise directly with Dr Belinda Clarke, the Director of Agri-Tech East.