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A networking organisation for plants-related research and impact

YIF organises free to attend, informal visits and meetings between early career individuals from a variety of backgrounds with a shared interest in agricultural innovation, including farm practice, consultancy, technology development and research. 

Join us as we visit one of the trial sites for the British Beet Research Organisation in Suffolk. This site hosts a number of trials exploring challenges which face the growers of sugar beet specifically around the impact of drought and Virus Yellows.

Attendees will have a chance to hear about Operation Emerald, a trial being run both in boxes and in field where live aphids have been used to infect the plants with Beet mild yellowing virus and Beet Yellows Virus. This research also incorporates the use of brassicas for both containing the aphids and attracting beneficial insects.

This visit will be of interest to young farmers, growers, researchers and technologists alike as well as those who may be in a role linked to agriculture or want to start within the industry.  Understanding the role of innovation in crop production, the role of field trials and how they are run as well as understanding opportunities for further innovation in this crop which is regularly making the news.

The visit will consist of a tour of the site followed by a chance for networking and refreshments.

Free to attend.

Please find more information on this event HERE.

The University of Cambridge is a member of Agri-TechE, and students and staff can register for free events with their University email. Please contact if you have a query about paid events.

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Wednesday, 6 October, 2021 - 14:00 to 16:00