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Out of around 6000 plants that have historically been used as cultivated crops, global food production is dominated by only six major crops. Largely absent from global food trade and development initiatives, some of these crops have a been hidden support to livelihoods across rural and urban populations in different regions. Under a challenging future for food and nutritional security, these crops can play a vital role in closing food gaps and providing traditional nutritious food sources for poor farmers and urban communities. They can also help consumers around the world to have a more diverse and nutritious diet, and contribute to societal wellbeing. Efforts to bring these crops back to our markets and tables need to come from many sides, including the private seed sector. 

This third Dialogue of the Forgotten Crops Society will address questions on what companies such as Bayer are doing to support the (re)adoption of forgotten crops, and the limitations and challenges that affect this objective. 

Please join us to hear from Natasha Santos, Crop Science Division Vice President, Head of Global Stakeholder Affairs & Strategy Partnerships at Bayer AG, who will discuss this important topic with Dr Luigi Guarino from the Crop Trust.

Natasha is an accomplished senior public affairs executive with over 17 years’ experience in the agriculture, food and life science industries. Her professional experience includes extensive knowledge in advocacy campaigns, multi-cultural communications, and development of global partnerships.

Luigi oversees the Crop Trust’s programmatic work while leading the Science Team, and he co-authors one of the most eminent Twitter accounts and blogs on crop diversity conservation in the world.


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Wednesday, 26 January, 2022 - 17:00 to 18:00