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CambPlants Hub

Plants for Food, Energy, Materials, Health and Eco-systems

Studying at Cambridge

2015 Images

 Title   Type 
Image JPEG imageschornack2.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageachimdobermann22jan2015 Image
Image JPEG imageADobermanntalk22Jan2015590x288 Image
Image JPEG imagescifest2014 2375 Image
Image JPEG image18c054cc 5161 4252 a09b 252cb3f68ab1 Image
File MPEG-4 videoPlantSciencesatScienceFestival2015 File
Image PNG imageplantsciencelandscape Image
Image JPEG imageiridescent hibiscus Image
Image JPEG imagebirdboxes.jpg Image
Image JPEG imagebattleforknowledge.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageHappyDay.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageupcomingeventsimage.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageEnlightenedPlants promo Image
Image JPEG imagecambplants weprovide Image
Image JPEG imagecambplantsnewsicon250x250 Image
Image JPEG imageFullTent.jpg Image
Image JPEG imagevolunteers.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageBeeswithViewers590x288 Image
Image JPEG imageC3C4plants.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageNIABphotosynthesisgame.jpg Image
Image JPEG imagemicroscopesideviewCopy.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageEnlightenedPlants TreeShade885x432 Image
Image JPEG imageIRRI ricepaddy250x250 Image
Image JPEG image141030 nepal forest Image
Image JPEG imagecci forestcanopy250x250 Image
Image JPEG imagecppswordcloud250x250 Image
Image JPEG imageEnlightenedPlantsEndofDay885x432 Image
Image JPEG imageCambPlants whatwedo885x432 Image
Image JPEG imageCambPlants_environment.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageCambPlants title green Image
Image JPEG imageBeatrixEnAlgae.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageMarianaFazendaSciFest2015.jpg Image
Image JPEG imagecopy_of_BeatrixEnAlgae.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageDijanaMaric.jpg Image
Image JPEG imagecopy2_of_BeatrixEnAlgae.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageBeaAlgae.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageOttoline_LeyserResized_Large.jpg Image
Image JPEG imagephotoholder.jpg Image
Image JPEG imagephotoholder1.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageeventsapplause250x250.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageJobsiconCambPlantswebsite.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageJobsiconCambPlantswebsite400x400.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageAlgaeSamplesCambPlantsWebsiteTrainingIcon250x250.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageeventicon400x400.jpg Image
Image PNG imageopendata400x400.png Image
Image JPEG imageWhippleMuseumMathematicalstringmodel_15896044571_o.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageDepartmentofPlantSciences_4253845384_o.jpg Image
Image TIFF imagedeptimageshare.tiff Image
Image JPEG imagersz fop2014 acrylicplants885x432 Image
Image PNG imageCambPlants v150413 885x432 Image
Image JPEG imagebbsrcdtpimagecropped.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageppdpostdocimage.jpg Image
Image JPEG imagehumanPDOCcarousel.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageifm590x288.jpg Image
Image PNG imagerootdrawingmariana.png Image
Image JPEG imageslculogo.jpeg Image
Image JPEG imageniab.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageplantsci.jpg Image
Image PNG imageNIABLogo_001.png Image
Image PNG imageginkgo spring shoots IMG 1524 885x432crop Image
Image JPEG imagegrassundermicroscope devinoconnor Image
Image PNG imagecambplantswordcloud25x25 Image
Image PNG imagep2pIMG_1595.png Image
Image PNG imageDeptImageShareScreen Image
Image PNG imagefop day1 epidemiology ash tree credit ntpressoffice Image
Image PNG imagefop day2 mangrove arch credit nick leonard cc by nc sa Image
Image PNG imagefop day3 polar algae matt davey Image
Image PNG imagefop day4 plantinhertitance jhenderson Image
Image PNG imageFundingResearch Image
Image PNG imagegfsicon250x250 Image
Image PNG imagepathwaystoimpact Image
Image PNG imageresearcherdevelopment Image
Image PNG imageopendata Image
Image PNG imageimageshare Image
Image PNG imagefop day 5 bite size science Image
Image PNG imagefop day 6 gfsbanners iconforfopnews250x250 Image
Image PNG imagefop day 7 glasshouse jadewine250x250 Image
Image PNG imagefop day 8 cercussiliquastrum IMG 3970 SamBrockingtonTalk250x250 Image
Image PNG imageclawlikeflowersoutsidegreenhousesbg250x250 IMG 2003 Image
Image JPEG imageresearchprofessionallogo.jpg Image
Image JPEG imagepathwaystoimpact inforgraphic Image
Image PNG imagepathwaystoimpact inforgraphic2.jpg Image
Image PNG imageFOMJune2015 gfsseminar8july Image
Image PNG imageimpactsupport Image
ImageCambPlants Funders Day Image
Image JPEG imageimage_minititanarum.jpg Image
Image PNG imagecubgtitanarrumgrowthchart2015.png Image
Image JPEG imagetitanarum Image
Image JPEG imageT.antarctica on a bubble x100 cropped Image
Image JPEG imageRoyalSocietyofBiologyLogo Image
Translational Funders Day 2015 Folder
Image JPEG imageimmm2015 LotusAM AcOr 23 01 02 Image
Image JPEG imagedroughtriceIRRI250x250 Image
Image PNG imageREAP Image
Image JPEG imageIntoBiologyVideo cells250x250 Image
Image PNG imagecambplantsconnectionsdiagramred.png Image
Image JPEG imageUniversityofCambridgeColourlogopantone.jpg Image
Image JPEG imageNIAB_Keyevent_28June111.jpg Image
ImageFeedingbumlebee.JPG Image
Image JPEG imageedec15bd14a149dd967ca30d382b8bf7.jpeg Image

CambPlants is the Cambridge University Hub for all those involved in Plant Sciences.  Our mission is to tackle global challenges by putting plant research into practice.  We do that by providing a point of coordination and a hub for all plant-related activities across the University of Cambridge and beyond.  Contact us to keep updated with the latest news or share information.

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Jun 12, 2019

Boothby Graffoe, Lincoln, Lincolnshire

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