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CambPlants Hub

Plants for Food, Energy, Materials, Health and Eco-systems

Studying at Cambridge

Translational Funders Day 2015

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Mariana Fazenda 064 590x288

Lis Bettington Newton Fund 047 590x288

Give and Get Networking Opportunities 065 590x288

ElevatorPitch WeatherLogisticsLLP 058 590x288

ElevatorPitch Ian Henderson PlantSci 059 590x288

ElevatorPitch NIAB HasseFenProject 063 590x288


CambridgeTranslationalFundersDay2015 071 590x288

Belinda Clarke Agri Tech East 057 590x288

Belinda Clarke Agri Tech East 055 590x288

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CambPlants is the Cambridge University Hub for all those involved in Plant Sciences.  Our mission is to tackle global challenges by putting plant research into practice.  We do that by providing a point of coordination and a hub for all plant-related activities across the University of Cambridge and beyond.  Contact us to keep updated with the latest news or share information.

How our researchers are helping the World

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Upcoming events

Plant and Life Sciences Marquee at the Science Festival 2019

Mar 16, 2019

Lawn on the Downing Site

Festival of Plants 2019

May 18, 2019

Cambridge University Botanic Garden

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