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Studying at Cambridge


Cambridge Science Festival

Researchers from the Department of Plant Sciences, Sainsbury Laboratory, National Institute of Agricultural Biology (NIAB) and across the biological disciplines took part in the Cambridge Science Festival 2016 to show how modern, data-driven technologies are used to understand plants from molecular to ecosystem level.  

Feedback from Plant Sciences & Life Sciences Marquee  at the Cambridge Science Festival 2016:


I cannot be more grateful for having access to all this knowledge – Thank you so much!




“I had a great time explaining our research and putting it in context at the Science Festival and am already looking forward to next year!” Sarah Kaewert, Biological Anthropology

“It’s been refreshing to be asked a variety of questions from kids of all ages. It’s really about thinking how to connect with what we do in the lab and the implications to the wider public. It’s been a lot of fun!” Payam Mehrshah, Plant Metabolism, Plant Sciences

“Really good experience because you have to communicate your science to all levels. You have great conversation and you learn a lot! Huw Jones, NIAB

“I hope you have us in the marquee again next year! It was great to be able to be part of such a wide variety of subjects and show how science can be applied in so many different ways. It’s been an incredible experience and I’m looking forward for next year.”  


“We are so lucky in Cambridge! It’s amazing things we have available at your door step. We have friends that came from outside Cambridge, just to come to the marquee.” Visitor

“Thank you. It’s  been an amazing morning”, Visitor


Plant and Life Sciences Marquee event listing can be found here.

Selection of videos shown at this event:

Why Plant Science: Students talk about why it's great studying plant science at Cambridge


Opti-Oat NIAB  - Optimising oat yield quality to deliver sustainable product and economic impact


Exhibits at the Plant and Life Sciences Marquee 12-13 March 2016:

3D printed microscope

  • Can you tell me the time? 'Plants can' (Dept. Plant Sci) 
  • Listen to silence - Lighting the pattern of genetic recombination in plants (Dept. Plant Sci) 
  • Keep calm and get to know your algae (Dept. Plant Sci) 
  • Big Data, Big Diseases, Big Predictions (Dept. Plant Sci) 
  • The hidden processes of the plant world (Sainsbury Laboratory)
  • Food: Culture, nutrition and sustainability (Dept. Plant Sci, Food Sustainability Forum) 
  • Big data for better agriculture (NIAB)
  • Investigating human evolution (Human Evolutionary Center)
  • Neuromechanics (PDN)
  • Highlighting Biology with fluorescence microscopy (Dept. Genetics and Dept. Pharmacology) 
  • Synthetic Biology solutions (Synthetic Biology SIG and Open Plant)
  • Future materials now: Nano, Spores and Biomechanical touchpad (Dept. Chem Eng and Biotechnology)
  • Intobiology (Science & Plants for Schools-SAPS)

From bean to bar: The future of chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate but what does the future hold?

Angus Thirlwell, the CEO and co-founder of Hotel Chocolat, joined a plant scientist and a chemical engineer on an expert panel to explore how the supply and demand for chocolate may change in the future, from where and how it is grown, to how products are made and who will be eating it. 

This event was co-hosted by the Cambridge Forum for Sustainability and the Environment, the CamPlants Hub from the Department of Plant Sciences and the University of Cambridge Strategic Initiative in Global Food Security.


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