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FarmRound 2016 - an Agri-Tech Careers' afternoon in Cambridge

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A selection of Quotes of the Day

"Brilliant young Researchers"

"I eat my passion ;)"

"There is a lot to get excited about in plant sciences at the moment - seize the opportunity to make a difference"

"Yes I have networked with different people that will make my research richer"


On July 5th, the inaugural FarmRound 2016 was hosted in Cambridge. This was an agri-tech careers event and the attendees included early-career scientists from a range of disciplines and more than 20 industries including representatives from AHDB, Bayer, NIAB, Dow AgroSciences and the European Food Safety Authority.    

The event was an excellent opportunity for scientists to form links with industry for future collaborations, and also to find out more about working in the agri-tech sector. From the industry side, they had the chance to showcase their organisation and attract top scientists into partnerships!  

The first session saw speakers from a variety of companies and backgrounds discuss their career progression. We heard from vegetable producers, breeders, agrochemical companies and a tech start-up among others. Listening to the diverse talks gave us a comprehensive understanding of the agri-tech industry and how to get involved in it. Despite their numerous different paths into industry, many of the speakers emphasised the importance of taking opportunities as they come and to really enjoy your work. 

In the second session, early-career scientists competed for a chance to spend a day in industry by giving 3-minute ‘flash’ presentations on their work and how it could impact the wider world. The talks spanned many aspects of plant biology, algae, chemical methods, sustainable business models and perceptions of biotech. The 4 winners presented on plant pigmentation, continuous flow chemistry, plant disease resistance and plant nutrition, winning themselves days at Dow AgroSciences, Croda, Bayer and G’s Growers respectively.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and the chance to explore the connections between research and industry, and many came away planning to make use of their new contacts soon!   

The event was organised by the CambPlants Hub and the Bioscience Impact Team

A list of industry speakers and their biographies can be found here.

Presentation Links

Keynote speaker - Jane King - Chief Executive, Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board

Guy Thallon - Head of Research – Development & Innovation, Produce World

Emma Garfield - R&D Agronomist, G’s

Sachin Shende - Co-founder and CEO, KisanHub

Phil Howell – Programme Leader, Genetics & Breeding, NIAB

Anne Thompson – Regulatory & Development Leader UK and Benelux, Dow Agro Sciences Ltd

Julian Little – Manager, Communications and Government Affairs, Bayer


Research in Cambridge


Chiara Airoldi

Postdoctorial Researcher, Plant Sciences

Understanding the molecular basis of plant development from basic research to agriculture



Cindy Chan

PhD Candidate

Power charging Crops using Alga


Curie Park

Postdoctorial Researcher, IfM and Engineering

Sustainable Business Model Innovation:  Connecting Food Waste & Food Scarcity


Hester Sheehan

Postdoctoral Researcher

The Potential of Plant Pigmentation


Jessica Royles

Postdoctoral Researcher, Plant Sciences

Plant Growth over Time and Space


Kalyani Kallam

Postdoctoral Researcher

Long Distance Transport and Storage to Optimize the Site of Nitrogen Assimilation in Drought and Salt-Stress


Katrin Geisler

Postdoctoral Researcher, Plant Sciences

From Networks to High Value Products


Ksenia Gerasimova

Affiliated Lecturer/Research Associate, Centre of Development Studies, POLIS

Social Study on Perceptions of BioTech


Luis Robledo-Arratia

PhD Student, Plant Sciences

The Impact of Photosynthesis in Wheat Yield


Marta Busse-Wicher

Postdoctoral Researcher, Biochemistry

Plant Cell Wall - the Wall to Feed us All


Ricardo Labes

Postdoctoral Researcher, Chemistry

Making Molecules with enabling Technology


Ruth Le Fevre

Postdoctoral Researcher, Sainsbury Laboratory

Resistance isn't Futile


Sabrina Gonzalez-Jorge

Postdoctoral Researcher, Plant Sciences

Variation is the Spice of Life


Stephanie Swarbreck

Postdoctoral Researcher, Plant Sciences

Exploiting Wheat Response to Blackgrass at Small Scale to Predict Tolerance in the Field




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