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A networking organisation for plants-related research and impact

On Thursday 16th October our ‘Through the Laboratory Keyhole’ on-line event took place, as part of the Open Cambridge Festival.  Viewers were treated to a privileged behind-the-scenes peek at four research projects in the Department of Plant Sciences.   

Hosted by Professor Howard Griffiths, it included three specially-made short films, one by Dr Angela Burnett and Elizabeth Torley, one by Hamish Symington and one by the Eves-van Den Akker Group at the Crop Science Centre, as well as a livestreamed presentation from the Algal Innovation Centre, audience polls and a Q&A.  

A lot of ground was covered in an accessible and entertaining way. One audience member commented that it was, ‘Very clearly presented by enthusiastic scientists making it exciting viewing for non scientists.’ 100% of respondents to our audience survey said that the way the research was explained had made it easy to understand.

Please find the event recording HERE.

Thanks to all involved for so generously sharing their expertise:

Professor Howard Griffiths 

Dr Sebastian Eves-van den Akker 
Itsuhiro Ko
Olaf Kranse
Beth Molloy
Dr Clement Pellegrin
Beatrice Senatori
Dr Unnati Sonawala

Hamish Symington

Dr Angela Burnett 
Elizabeth Torley 

Dr Payam Mehrshahi
Dr Lorraine Archer  
Ellen Harrison

Abigail Youngman
Karen Hlaba
Lucia Arce Cubas

An Open Cambridge event organised by Annual Food Agenda, CambPlants and Cambridge Global Food Security IRC