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CambPlants @ Progress in IPR for Plant Science and Crop Research workshop, part of NIAB Monogram 2016

Progress in IPR for Plant Science and Crop Breeding

Tuesday 12th April 2016

Sophi Taylor Building, NIAB



Liz Scott, Head of Varieties & Seeds, NIAB
“Plant Variety Rights in a European Context”

Michael Roberts, Attorney at Reddie & Grose LLP
“Crop protection: Safeguarding your IP”

Christopher Green, Director of Green Resources Ltd
“Intellectual Property….expectations and challenges”

Jenny Molloy, Coordinator of the Synthetic Biology Initiative and OpenPlant
“OpenPlant and a two-tier model for IP and open innovation”

+ Panel discussion and interactive Q&A session Chaired by Iain Thomas from Cambridge Enterprise with panelists Charis Cook (BBSRC), Liz Scott (NIAB), Michael Roberts (Reddie & Grose) and Chris Green (Green Resources)


Comments from the day:


We were pleased to fund an excellent Exploring Innovation Seminar. We are keen to support events like this with a good mix of academics and industry representatives.

Charis Cook, BBSRC


As a newly appointed lecturer in plant sciences I am new to this area. I would like to make my research more applied and IP is an area I haven't had the chance to look at. This workshop gave me the opportunity to think about different aspects of IP.

Sofia Kourmpetli, Cranfield University

It is great to see young researchers interested in IP. It is important that they understand possibilities and limitations of IP.  One of the most important points discussed was managing expectations from the beginning.

I had not heard of OpenPlant before. This was the most interesting talk. I was really happy to see the case study on OpenPlant. I would like to see that model become widely adopted in the academic community.

Jacob Lage, KWS UK

It was a fantastic event! I particularly enjoyed the discussions with a diverse audience with different opinions on IPR.

Alexander Frank, Reddie & Grose

It was encouraging to see that people with more expertise in IP than academic researchers appreciate the challenges academics face. It was useful to see the breeders' point of view and the challenges they face. Hopefully we can move forward together.

Kay Trafford, NIAB


Coming from an academic background, it was refreshing to get a better understanding of IP and its commercial value. I enjoyed hearing from a broad range of specialised opinions.

Ricardo Ramirez-Gonzalez, TGAC


As a postgraduate student in academic research, I did not know much about IP but this workshop has provided a good range of information, where there was something to learn from all the speakers. The combination of talks, case study and panel discussion made for an interesting workshop.

Jack Lee, Durham University




























Organisers: NIAB & CambPlants Hub

Sponsor: BBSRC