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A networking organisation for plants-related research and impact
The Industry Club provides a forum for fundamental and applied research in plant sciences to be developed throughout the Cambridge region, between University Departments, Research Institutes and Industry. Participating organisations are encouraged to provide a designated Hub, who acts by forwarding information from each organisation, and by disseminating news of activities and information to their colleagues.
The Industry Club exists to strengthen and integrate pure and applied research in plant sciences in and around Cambridge. Its overarching aim is to connect industrial partners in the region by:
  • Facilitating training and career development for plant scientists.

  • Providing a technology pipeline for translating basic plant science into practice.

  • Raising the profile of plant sciences research and development.

  • Generating opportunities for plant sciences research in the region.

  • Identifying future priorities for plants as food, fuel and other products.

Industrial summer placement scheme

The CPPS industrial summer placement scheme aims to provide students with industry experience whilst at the same time allowing agri-businesses to gain an extra pair of hands to assist with early stage proposals and ideas. Students undertaking summer placements can gain experiences in research, technical support, co-ordination and leadership, structured learning, laboratory work, team work and field trial evaluation.
  • Agri-businesses with an interesting idea that needs an extra pair of hands to put it into practice should contact the CambPlants Team to partake in the summer placement scheme. Vacancies you can be advertised by completing the industrial placement form and sending it to Mariana Fazenda. 

  • Students interested in gaining experience in temporary summertime placement opportunities with our CPPS members should contact Mariana Fazenda.


Steering committee

The Industry Club is co-ordinated by a steering committee who meet quarterly to co-ordinate activities. The committee is comprised as follows: