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CambPlants Hub

A networking organisation for plants-related research and impact

Department of Plant Sciences runs Departmental Research Seminars throughout the year. One seminar in Michaelmas and Easter term is designated as a CPPS Seminar and it is usually given by an invited external speaker with expertise relevant to CPPS aims.

18 February 2016: Lars Østergaard, JIC

Symmetry matters in gynoecium development Prof Lars Østergaard, JIC

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26 November 2015: Roger Sylvester-Bradley, ADAS

Phenotyping is an F-word: crop research in Fields, on Farms, with Farmers Roger Sylvester-Bradley, ADAS Boxworth, Cambridge

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27 November 2014: Caroline Drummond, LEAF

Sustainable Farming - Making it possible; Science, delivery and pitfalls of Integrated Farm Management - Caroline Drummond, MBE, Chief Executive of LEAF

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20 March 2014: Richard Summers, RAGT

Richard Summers, cereal breeding and research lead at RAGT Seeds and chairman of the British Society of Plant Breeders

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5 March 2014: David Lawrence, Syngenta

Managing Innovation: an oxymoron? David Lawrence, Syngenta

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