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Sustainable Farming - Making it possible;
Science, delivery and pitfalls of Integrated Farm Management

- Caroline Drummond, MBE, Chief Executive of LEAF

Sustainable Farming - Making it possible

Science, delivery and pitfalls of Integrated Farm Management

- Caroline Drummond, MBE, Chief Executive of LEAF

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Caroline gave an inspiring presentation on many levels. She revealed herself to be an amazing driving force behind the LEAF organization (Linking Environment and Farming:

Her commitment has established a model system for delivering support, advice and certification for more sustainable agriculture, not just across the UK, but also at an international level. She defined her vision for integrated farm management (IFM), in terms of providing guidance to farmers to manage sustainable use of soil and water resources, pesticide applications and ensuring public awareness and acceptability. She also showed how the demands of modern family farming represent tireless efforts, personal sacrifices and immense commitment.

Finally, she made us, a largely urban and academically-orientated audience, aware of two key issues: the first, being the challenges of food production, marketing and forward planning in the face of national pressures for low price foodstuffs, as well as  international commodity and financial services. Secondly, the need to think outside of our classrooms and laboratories, and recognize how our work ultimately could relate to food security, whether from a local, regional or global context.

Howard Griffiths

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Howard is CPPS Chair and Professor of Plant Ecology at the Dept of Plant Sciences