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Plants for Food, Energy, Materials, Health and Eco-systems

Studying at Cambridge


Case Studies

Fungus Enhances

Plant ‘thermometer’ triggers springtime budding by measuring night-time heat.


Fungus enhances crop roots and could be future 'bio-fertiliser'. 

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Invigorating Plants

Breeding Flowers

Invigorating Plants - Understand how plants 'silence' invading viruses could hold the key to releasing their hidden potential. 

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Can we improve crop pollination by breeding better flowers?

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India Crop

3D Tissue Scaffolding

Cambridge Leads UK institutions in agreement on crop science with Indian government.

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Cells cling and spiral 'like vines' in first 3D tissue scaffold for plants.

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Modelling the root of crop disease

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Turbocharging a new Green Revolution.

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