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A networking organisation for plants-related research and impact

Cambridge Festival takes place from 31st March to 10 April, and we are pleased to announce some of the events linked to the Department of Plant Sciences.

Currently available: Through the Laboratory Keyhole

A guessing game and an exclusive peek inside laboratories and research facilities at the University of Cambridge.  

An on-line event featuring mini-video tours of several experiments and research facilities that are not open to the public. You’ll have privileged access to curious corners and unusual aspects of laboratory apparatus and gain insights into what our expert scientists at the Department of Plant Sciences are up to. 

Will you be able to guess what they’re working on before it's revealed? Clue: It’s all food-related. 

This event was originally presented on 16 September 2021 as part of the Open Cambridge Festival. It was organised by Annual food Agenda, CambPlants and Cambridge Global Food Security IRC.

2 April: Microscopic Mycorrhizal Maze   

Get hands-on with Plant Sciences. See mycorrhizae, fungi that attach to plant roots, through microscopes and play our mycorrhizae and plant pairing game.

Mycorrhizae are a fungus that attach to plant roots and set up a symbiotic relationship where the plant gives the mycorrhizae food in exchange for nutrients. We will have two microscopes set up at a table with slides where it will be possible to actually see the mycorrhizae attached to plant roots. There will also be an in-person game that two people can play where they help to feed and grow the plant with the help of mycorrhizae. 

8 April: A world of tastes: nature, culture and the making of the palate

A discussion of the scientific, social and cultural aspects of culinary taste with experts from the academic sector and the food industry.

The panel will bring together experts from the academic sector and the food industry to shed light on the importance of taste in shaping culinary behaviours and practices across cultures, how agri-food science and technology have contributed to the enhancement or creation of flavours in the past decades, and how these have transformed and globalised our relations to natural and processed foods.

This event is a collaboration between Cambridge Global Food Security IRC and gloknos, the Centre for Global Knowledge Studies.